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We are represented by Agence Lezilus in Paris, France.

Khuan+Ktron is

— a fully equipped, heterogenically staffed graphic studio, dedicated to the manufacturing of brightly coloured and densely packed pictures of the floating world, illustrations, infographics and typographics, packaging designs, leaflets, brochures, pamphlets, maps and books, with a clear focus on arts, culture, education and non-profit causes.

— a warm shelter for wandering monks, ascetics and zealots, martial arts instructors, spare-time taxidermists, daisypickers, vegan cooks, flute-playing shepherds, off-season theme park enthusiasts and maggot-infested zombies, united by mutual interests and passions.

— also known as Kay-Kay, Kobbyhuan ende Kobbytron, Khuan Cavemen Co., Kwan Tung Lo, The Long Johns Of Yore and Yonder, The Daruma Crew and The Kargasok Clan.

Khuan+Ktron are

Ningtiendo Sehgah (Japan, born 1976) was raised by his aunt in Brussels, Belgium, with all the trades of a modern Japanese upbringing: manga, applied mathematics, 16-bit video games, fluorescent sweets and double school hours. At seventeen, he left for Antwerp to study the noble graphic arts, and after twenty years on the job, he still feels like he's only just starting — so much more to learn and see and do.

Steebz Khuan (Belgium, born 1976) "Don't mind me. I'm somewhere else."

Mikhail Mitmalka (Russia, born 1972) is proud member of Khuan brotherhood and speaks Asian European in gruff monosyllables. Mikhail is great-great-grandson of Wladimir Mitmalka, famous for painting grand icons with golds. Mikhail is self-schooled for drawings and paintings with nostalgic feelings. Chop woods for fires. Scare off monastery trespassers and wrestle wild boars. Work in ye gardens, with nature under sun and moon. Room and fresh air again.

Astrid (Belgium, born 1985) is a fleeting enigma.

Shows & Exhibits

1997Group Show (Riemst, Belgium)
1998What’s Your Excuse (Mekanik Strip, Antwerp, Belgium)
2000U hoort nog van ons (Z33, Hasselt, Belgium)
2002Monks Work (Atelier Antwerp, Belgium)
2004Pictures Of The Floating World (Atelier Antwerp, Belgium)
2006Freaky People (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2006Wild Vlees (CC Hasselt, Belgium)
2007All Is Emptiness (T’ien Yen Monastery)
2008KTRON Solo Show (Lucy, Antwerp, Belgium)
2008InkThis 3: Facelift (Leicester+London, UK)
2009Portraits & Landscapes (CC Hasselt, Belgium)
2009Integrated 2009 (deSingel, Antwerp, Belgium)
2012Here Comes The Sun (with Hedof) (Alley Art Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium)
2012Khuan+Ktron (Voka Limburg, Hasselt, Belgium)
2014Grafixx (De Studio, Antwerp, Belgium)

Selected Clients

Google • Monocle • Wired Magazine • The Good Life • Knack • Weekend Knack • De Morgen • De Standaard • Humo • Mobistar • Klasse • Lannoo • Harvard Business Review • Vrij Nederland • B-Post • Juttugram • Deep in the Woods • Tomorrowland • Hypertension Records • Vlaamse Regering • Dalkia • Billboard Magazine • Menzo • AS Adventure Magazine • P-Magazine • Ché Magazine • De Tijd • Netto • de Warande • Filmfestival Open Doek • MOOOV Filmfestival • Strip Turnhout • Belgacom • Promedia • Marké • Edison • Amphion • Duval Guillaume …

Random Sources Of Inspiration

Hieronymus Bosch • Chrono Trigger • Li Po • Open source software • Silence • The Book of Changes • Jim Dodge • Hasui • Sadako the witch • The Zhi-Xen hillsides • Masayuki Takayanagi • Boiling water • Fungal tea • Alpiner bonbons • Kougezan Koukiji • Anything with zombies • Waiting for public transportation • Shades of black • Smart people saying very stupid things • Thangka painting • Pre-war blues men in their post-war periods • Femur hair ornaments • People who are turned inside out • Hikikomori-style cocooning • Scar tissues (all kinds) • Histories of the Prehistory • Cultivated primitivism • Medieval torture techniques • Art Brut • Invisible people • Imperial Jade tea • The Conet Project • Tuvan throat singing • Scandinavian road trips • Himalayan brownies • Woolen garments • Talking in dialects • Shamanistic shampoo jingles • Forgotten pasts • Halloween movie night specials • The rock eating madman down the block • Hieroglyphics • All things ghastly • Made-up religion zealots • Free jazz • Femur guitar slides • Bad English • Black bean sauce • Backwards mathematics • Tamari sauce • Secrets of Mana • Oozing tattoo wounds • Freshly plastered walls • Small stringed instruments • Printing methods of yore • Printing methods of the far future • Snail mail • Having spare limbs severed and reattached • Maps of imaginary places • Exotic afflictions of the skin • Tampopo • Voyages through the insides of the human body • The distant sound of lawn mowers mowing lawns • Vegan Mongolian cuisine • The Tzu Brothers • Cherry blossom • Pictures of skulls • Making things work the wrong way • Giles Goatboy • Growing hair long • Luciano Cilio • ZSNES • Faxed heads • Chronic sleep deprivation • Playing music backwards • …

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